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Tips to Follow When Starting a Plumbing Company in the GTA

If you are thinking about starting a plumbing company in the GTA these practical tips are going to help you gain an edge over the competition. The first thing that you should consider doing when trying to start a Toronto Plumbing Company is to get your red seal. A red seal is a recognized credential that shows you and whoever else inside your organization providing plumbing services has superior knowledge of plumbing. This red seal will give you a distinct edge over other plumbing companies that are just licensed but we’ll get into that shortly. Technically you do not have to be a licensed plumber or have your red seal, you could hire people with those credentials but having the actual experience helps when meeting with clients.  

Toronto Plumbing Company

Range of Services to Offer

The initial thing you need to consider is what types of plumbing services you will be offering. While the industrial and commercial plumbing niches can be very profitable your lowest cost of entry would be the residential niche which does not require the large equipment needed for industrial plumbing jobs.

In order to gain the upper-hand in residential plumbing your Toronto plumbing company will need to offer 24-7 emergency service. Customers need to have full confidence that when they call, you will be there to answer and help them. Along with providing 24-7 service you should try to have a guaranteed time that you will be out to a client’s property.

Offering a Warranty on the Work You are Providing

One of the best ways to standout from all of the competition is by offering customers assurances in the form of a written warranty. This warranty should be easy to read, cover both the materials being used and the quality of workmanship. Since you are going to provide top notch service you will never have to worry about a customer trying to utilize the warranty but it helps show your genuine desire to meet the plumbing needs of your customers.

Building Up Your Base of Customers

At first you are going to have a challenging time finding customers. While you have all the necessary licenses and skills to do the job, it will require a substantial amount of hard work to start getting customers. One of the best ways to make people aware of your service is via social media. Whenever a person is looking for a product or in this case a plumbing service, they will go to social media and find out whether their circle of friends can recommend someone. In order to take advantage of this you would need to create social networking accounts on a variety of different platforms and begin engaging people on a personal level. By putting your plumbing company out there people are going to start calling you, without sounding cliché it is just a matter of time but the challenge is setting all of these things into motion.

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